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Mobile Number Check

What is it for?

To allow consumers to check that the mobile number they are calling is in the same network (as the prefix i.e. 012/013/016/018 no longer has any operator significance). To do so, please click here: Mobile Number Check.

The result will let the consumers know whether the number to be called is either:

  • "On-Net call" (within the same network) or
  • "Off-Network call" (the called number is in a different network)

and consequently may be of a different rate/charge.

Alternatively, now you can also check the On-Net/Off-Net call using your hand phone through SMS information service as follows:

Type check <mobile number> send to 22099
E.g. check 0192345678 send to  22099
Type check <mobile number> send to 22011
E.g. check 0122345678 send to 22011
Type check <mobile number> send to 20000
E.g. check 0162345678 send to 20000
Type check <mobile number> send to 28011
E.g. check 0182345678 send to 28011

All SMSes sent and received to check your mobile number through the numbers above are free of charge